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Basic version consists of all basic


IND ₹ 20 / US ¢ 30
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Professional version contains
Expert features.

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Ultimate version consists of
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Society Management System has a lot of features included. Following are some features which describe each version:
Features Basic Professional Ultimate
Flat Limit
Max number of flats allowed 50 80 80+
Default Users
Number of Admin Users 1 1 2
Number of Security Users 1 2 5
Number of Chairman Users 1 1
Number of Secretory Users 1
Number of Member Users All
Add Member
View list of members
Edit Member Details
View and Edit family members
Add family members
Add new visitor and vehicles
View IN - OUT visitor acitivity
All Visitors with IN status
Print Visitor gate pass
Add/Edit/View Member Vehicles
Add / View maintenance
Status of maintenance
Maintenance setting form
Add / View expenses & Charges + Vendor Management
Graph for income -- Expenses
Unpaid and never paid members list
Maintenance matrix report
Generate Notice Template
Add Event Photos and Videos
Send Reminder SMS
Society Events Management
Add Reference Data
Licence Screen
Add,Update User Role Management
Create and edit user
User Manual
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