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It’s always good to know what you don’t know. To know how well—or not so well—your IT and business departments are working together. And to know where you need to develop strategies to achieve greater efficiency, reduce costs and see more concrete results across your organization.Msoft is a powerhouse of IT Consulting Service Provider in Pune India, We specialize in identifying, evaluating, and delivering qualified IT Consulting Services to help our clients make the most of their IT assets. As a committed IT consulting service provider ,Msoft has the people, processes, and products for every aspect of the application life cycle.

We deliver Software Development, Software Testing, Project Management and IT Consulting services at each stage in the project lifecycle to help get and keep your business-critical IT initiatives on track. Our IT Consulting Services can help you evaluate how your IT resources, processes and investments to help you achieve your goals. MSoft provides a wide variety of management and human resource consulting services. Our IT consulting services are provided on-site or off-site, or a combination that best meets the client's needs. Nobody just hires a great workforce. You have to find, attract, and recruit them. Then train them to succeed and ensure they feel well compensated and well represented customers from Europe, US and India. I would like to introduce our company which has started in 2008 in Pune, India.

MSOFT is having the strong presence in the domestic and global market. In 2012, we stepped ahead in the business area of IT services-Support and product development. We are having cost effective IT,software services for your Software businesses across world.

  • Maintain high confidentiality

  • Business Process Improvement, Optimization and/or Reengineering

  • Customer centric framework

  • Innovative strategies

  • Professional and experienced Team

  • Experienced team to work with International Clients in Europe and US.

  • Highly trained and technically strong software development and test teams

  • Lower software outsourcing cost with quality software delivery

  • Resources can be deployed onsite or offsite

  • No manpower or project management required for any administrative activities

  • Increased effectiveness of workforce

  • Higher organizational productivity

  • Leverage strategic investments

  • Lower cost of administration and human management

  • High return on Investments

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