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Society Management System

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Manage your society with “Society Management System” A Best Society Accounting Software.

MSOFT LLP Pune provides a Housing Society Software For Society Management,it is user friendly software. You do not need to have any prior accounting knowledge to work with it. Since last few years, alive into society has become more secure due to less space as well as people's choice of living a social life. Therefore Housing societies are being chosen the most by Asians. It is a complex task to maintain the householder, vehicles, billings and documents. Such convenient task takes up a lot of time and efforts of a residential committee which frustrate the maintenance of the society. Housing society software is a solution to all these problems.

With the Help of Housing Society Software, we enhance traditional method of society operation with next generation Cloud Technology. It is highly functional and easily manageable. This software is for society management level persons, members, visitors and security agency. It provides transparency between society management and their members. It generate gate passes, bill receipts, all reports required for members and management.it is also Helpful in Society Accounting as well

  • Members, Flat and Rental Management.

  • Society Billing Management with Maintenance Receipts.

  • Society Visitors Management and Gate Pass System

  • Vehicle and Parking Management

  • Administrative Management

  • Events Management

  • Automatic Email/SMS Generation

  • Notice Board for Society Members

  • Picture Gallery

    • Smart GUI with easy access

    • Visitor Pass Generation

    • Management of members, visitors and vehicle database

    • Records of society maintenance

    • User Role based Management

    • Effective Event Management

    • Integration with Security Systems

    • Cloud based Software with pay as you go options.

    • 24X7 Uptime assured with Cloud

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