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Society Management System

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We have enhanced the traditional method of society operation with next generation smart technology. It is highly functional and easily manageable. This software is for society administrators, members, visitors and security guards. It provides transparency between society management and their members. It generates bill receipts, all reports required for members and management.

Society Management System is fully loaded with important modules required for managing any society viz.:

  • Member Module
  • Visitor Module
  • Vehicle and Parking Module
  • Billing Module
  • Admin Module
  • Social Module

Features :

  • Society Billing Management
    1. Customization of maintenance calculation
    2. Annual Reports of paid and unpaid maintenance in printable format
  • Society Visitors Management
    1. Visitor check-in and check-out functionality along with visitor details
    2. SMS notification to owner when visitor checks into the society
  • Vehicle and Parking Management
  • Administrative Management
    1. Create and manage users
    2. Create new user roles with menu visibility restriction
    3. Member management:
    4. Registering owners and renters according to flat numbers
    5. Adding family members of owners and renters
  • Events Management
  • Automatic Email/SMS Generation
  • Notice Board for Society Members
  • Picture Gallery


  • Smart GUI with easy access
  • Visitor in-out log
  • Management of members, visitors and vehicle database
  • Records of society maintenance
  • User role based management
  • Effective event management
  • Integration with security systems
  • Web based client - server application: Install on one machine and access over multiple devices
  • Easy and quick renewal of license