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Digital Placard

Next Gen Interactive Display
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Digital Placard is a cutting-edge display technology solution that’s enables customized information via motion video, graphics, sound and text. It is a unique and powerful communication medium that’s provides unparalleled opportunities to capture your audience’s attention, improve customer and employee experience and drive sales and productivity. By displaying customized content on a variety of digital displays, your audience can experience your message dynamically and interactively. Unlike printed promotional material, digital placard allows you to display eye-catching dynamic content and to change messages quickly and easily by time and location. Digital Placard provides an innovative way for organizations across a wide variety of industries-including Doctors, Hospitals, Healthcare Clinics, Hotels, and Retail, Public Places etc to improve the customer and end user experience.

Placard Technology Sectors:

  • Healthcare:
    Educate and reassure patients and visitors with an easy-to-deploy, easy-to-maintain communication system that can be updated instantaneously and automatically. It Allowing you to reduce waiting times, provide targeted health messages and save money on printed materials. Healthcare providers can communicate key information to the patients, doctor’s availability, various stakeholders and stimulate sales of additional services.
  • Hospitality:
    Enhance your guests experience with targeted, timely information shown on screen in key location across your hotel or restaurant. Use the display to present your amenities, showcase your menus, provide way finding information and create a pleasant environment that will keep guests visually attract and informed.
  • Retail and Entertainment:
    Use Digital Placard to advertise special offers, promote new products and influence your customer at the point of decision. Increase sales, brand awareness and store traffic with a system that can serve a multidimensional purpose according to your specific needs. Digital Placard can help to making purchase decision. There are time-outs, pre-game shows and half-times at an entertainment venue. As the audience waits and fidgets for the show to commence, keep them engaged with something unique and informative
  • Corporate:
    Experience your guests, clients and employee with focus, timely information like products, services, security emergency messages shown on screen in key location across your premises. Digital Placard can also be used for training, corporate communications and to increase employee engagement.
  • Educational institutions:
    Digital notice boards can be used in a campus wide information system. Digital Placard services can not only be used in digital classrooms, but can be a single point of information for all students. Interactive screens can be used to share all data, alerts, notes, announcements and schedules, time tables, application forms etc.
  • Banking and Financial institutions:
    Benefits of in branch digital placard is the ability to provide continuously updated and relevant information at strategic times of the day. It will not only help educate & engage waiting customers with details on latest scheme, product offerings and stock updates but increase overall brand recall as well.
  • Transportation:
    At destinations like bus stops, airports, train stations digital placard is proven to effectively get more travellers attention. Flight and public transport vehicles can also utilises displays to broadcast schedules, ticketing & passenger information, news, weather updates, tourist info and relevant advertisements.


  • Customer Engagement with Digital Environment
    • Increase Customer attraction and retention rates
    • Eye catching displays to help grab customers attention as well as ease of operations for staff and Reception
  • Real Time Information
    • Provide the real time information for new product and services offered
    • Real time Information Display such as appointments, doctors, Hospital Services, Safety Information for all services offered
  • Brand Marketing and Advertisement
    • Cutting age eye catching technology for the advertisement with help of Video, graphics and Text
    • Enhance Brand Marketing with the build loyalty, and increase sales display new services and products
    • Product information like new arrivals, offers, clearance sales location of the store, camp and Event information
  • Easy to Manage
    • Updates and schedules information in an easy and effective manner
    • All content is controlled centrally and easy manage
    • Log on form web/cloud and make changes to contain at virtually any time


  • Smart & Attractive Design
  • Load Dynamic Video and Product images
  • Maximize Productivity
  • Excellent Marketing and Promotion Technology
  • Portability with inbuilt CPU
  • Multi language supports
  • Predefine themes and templates
  • Available in Desktop, LED Pannel, Tablet
  • Cost effective and affordable
  • Cloud Based Solutions.
  • Best support and services