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Unlike traditional methods of attendance management – cards, PINs, fobs and keys, BioConnect identity platform relies on people rightful identity or their biometrics. This provides companies, schools or colleges real visibility into their employee’s or student’s working hours, removing any guesswork and also makes it easier for your employees or students who have had to manage so many different keys, cards, PINs and passwords.
Whether you are a growing small company or a large organization present across world, Bioconnect time and attendance system helps you track attendance of every employee or students accurately, improve workforce allocation efforts, helps to calculate accurate payroll and attendance and achieve better compliance. BioConnect combines a centralized identity platform with biometric devices located strategically throughout a school, college, offices or in multiple buildings in a campus setting. Bioconnect application can be integrated with other applications like AMS, Arogyam. It performs operations like creating users , assigning card to created users ,syncing data from the device ,displaying device details ,re-assigning the card, and deleting users from the device ,etc.
Bio-Connect product is integrated with AMS product. It can act as back-end program which will fetch attendance log from device. Based on the those attendance log AMS system can calculate attendance. Bio-Connect product is integrated with Arogyam product. As soon as patient swipes in through the device, his appointment gets marked based on the availability of the time slot. In Arogyam product that appointment will be seen in home -appointment tab wherein the user can edit it. The corresponding doctor for patient's appointment can be selected by the staff. This leads to streamlined processing of appointments.


  • Standardize across multiple locations
  • Manage the fluidity of moving people
  • Cut cost of tokens (cards, fobs)
  • Remove error-prone manual processes that impact your bottomline
  • Increase security by assuring identity
  • Increase access to information by removing the obstacles of multi-factor authentication
  • Increase easability
  • Audit tracking trail
  • Absence management
  • Control/mitigate risks


  • Increased productivity
  • Decreased burden on one person or department
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Integration amplifies all benefits