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Academic Management System

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MSOFT - "Academic Management System”(MSOFT-AMS) which we have recently launched in the market. This is user driven software that runs on a web browser. MSOFT-AMS is an academic system which helps in academic management for staff, admission. examination, lectures and class management for Universities, Colleges & Business Schools. We provide the entire academic software system along with configured biometric hardware. The system produces detailed and graphic reports to inform all relevant stakeholders.
MSOFT-AMS fulfills all legislative reporting requirements and reduces the manual efforts of attendance monitoring by staff. The system fully automates all elements of academic monitoring with regards to the collection of data and monitoring and reporting for registration, fees, lectures ,timetable, examination, mark sheets etc for internal/external reporting. MSOFT-AMS enables educational organisations to meet their academic, legal and universities requirements with regards to academic management.

Features :

  • Real time student attendance monitoring
  • Fully Automated Data Collection and Generation
  • Robust Monitoring & Reporting
  • Automated Communications with Management, Staff, Students and parents
  • Administrative Management
  • Course Management Optimisation
  • Integration with Third Party Solutions
  • Monitor student retention & engagement in classes
  • Swap, Access card and Biometric options are available
  • Optimum utilization and allocation of classrooms
  • AMS can be hosted from the local server system as well as from the cloud

Benefits :

  • Elimination of manual student attendance processes which reduce administration costs
  • Instant Staff and Student’ attendance data at your fingertip
  • Improve student retention & engagement
  • Ability to communicate with students via portal itself and SMS or e-mails
  • Extensive robust reporting and analysis system
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) deployment of MSOFT-AMS to ensure resilience, minimise deployment costs and reduced risk
  • MSOFT-AMS can be customised as per user requirements
  • Integration with the Biometric Hardware with Msoft BioConnect product
  • Early identification of risk of disengaging students